Studio Weave, Urban Projects Bureau and Churchman Landscape Architects working at Nine Elms

Studio Weave and Urban Projects Bureau are working with Churchman Landscape Architects to improve part of the Thames footpath in central London.

Studio Weave is designing a series of temporary structures and interventions to animate the new public realm, while Urban Projects Bureau is working on public engagement.

Churchman was appointed by the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership, a consortium of local authorities, developers and other agencies working on the redevelopment of the area. Its brief is to improve the southern riverside walk from Lambeth Bridge to Chelsea Bridge and to unite it with the rest of the Thames footpath. 

Churchman is also designing the first phase of the new path which extends for half a kilometre between the Vauxhall tower and Heathwall Pumping Station, running past the front of the emerging US and Dutch Embassies.

This first phase which includes three pocket parks and a pavilion will be installed early in 2015.

Future phases are being considered, including the enhancement of the areas fronting MI6 and Lack’s Dock.

When complete the entire length of path will extend 2kms, linking Waterloo and Royal Festival Hall with Battersea Park.