Commercial demand increased in the first quarter of 2011

Surveyors have seen a rise in demand for commercial space in the first quarter of 2011, figures released by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors show.

Some 10% more surveyors saw a rise in demand rather than a fall, up from 2% in the previous quarter.

But expectations for rents slid for the 14th consecutive quarter as the growth in demand was offset by the increasing availability of floor space.

The quarterly commercial market survey also showed the increasing North-South divide as the commercial property market in London and the South-east continued to outperform the rest of the country.

An accompanying report on the global commercial market showed global sentiment had improved in the first quarter, with Latin America and non-Japan Asia remaining the strongest real estate markets.

View the RICS UK Commercial Market Survey Q1 2011 and Global Commercial Property Survey Q1 2011.