Education Now event will bring together market experts, case studies and key data for those buildign schools, colleges and universities

A two day online event will be held next month for those working in the booming education sector. Education Now, which will take place on 9 and 10 December, will offer key data, case studies on the sector which is receiving unprecedented public investment.

The free event will also include two live audio webinars which will offer advice and tips for those working on school projects. It also allows users the opportunity to network with other sector experts and to browse through virtual exhibition stands from suppliers and consultants working in the market.

Editorial director of the event Phil Clark said: "This show is for beginners and expert alike. For those just entering the education market there is plenty of opportunities to grasp the basics of designing, building and magaing schools projects. For thsoe steeped in it there will be chances to swap expertise with other experts or to share your knowledge and opinions on the sector."

The event is free to register. Click on the Education Now registration page to attend.