From skyline-enhancing roofs to magnetic floors to sea lion-friendly decking at Whipsnade Zoo, here are the latest products to beautify your building from head to toe

Roofing products

Smouldering tile colour
Lafarge has added a new colour, Ember, to its range of Redland Heathland tiles. The Ember tile has a dark traditional appearance similar to handmade plain tile roofing according to Lafarge and can be manufactured at a lower cost. Larfarge says that market research has revealed that customers wanted a naturally weathered finished tile with a darker sooted finish and burnt orange colour. The Heathland Ember tiles also have random-sanded, irregular edges. The manufacturer adds that the aged appearance of the tiles makes them particularly suitable for refurbishment projects. The Heathland Ember comes with matching fittings and accessories.
Lafarge 601

Flag flies in Gosport
Flag's single-ply roofing products have been used in the redevelopment of St George's Barracks, Gosport, by Sunley Homes. The original asphalt roof had deteriorated in many areas. The entire roof was overlaid with Kingspan insulation and waterproofed using the Flagon SFC fleece-backed fully adhered system. The 1.5 m high upstand walls were boarded over with timber and covered with Flagon SV. Several new roof areas were waterproofed using Flagon SFC and standing seam profiles to simulate a metal roof. Flagon SR, a polyester reinforced membrane was also used on the balconies and the listed 200 m long canopy.
Flag UK 602

Over-the-top storage solution
Ward Insulated and MITIE Roofing have put their heads together to come up with an over-roofing solution for a Big Yellow Self Storage building in Bow, London. The original roof comprised asbestos cement roof sheets with north light glazing, coupled with concrete flat roof areas at differing levels. Ward TopDek pre-insulated membrane roof was fixed over a lightweight steel framework of Ward Single Skin Wall Profiles and a Ward Capella lightweight galvanised truss system. The existing structure was exposed where necessary to provide an interface for the installation of the over-roof system, which has a one-degree pitch.
Ward Insulated Panels 603

Zinc-coated aluminium
Corus Building Systems has introduced FalZinc, an aluminium based cladding and roofing product that the company claims has the aesthetic qualities of zinc. It has an aluminium substrate onto which a zinc surface is permanently fused. Corus claims that FalZinc is a third of the weight of traditional zinc and achieves the same weathered appearance. Corus says it offers protection against corrosion, is easy to fold at low temperatures with no heating required, and is also demountable and recyclable.
Corus Building Systems 604

Anyone for standing seam roofing?
A Euroclad Euroseam 400 standing seam roof has been specified for the refurbished South Devon Tennis Centre near Ivybridge. Over 3200 m2 of curved sheeting was installed together with Euroclad's 32/1000 liner tray. Long lengths of the Euroseam profiles were formed on site and craned into place by roofing contractor Progressive Systems. The roof spans the whole tennis centre, which includes four courts, and a high-level observation walkway.
Euroclad 605

Press on the gutter
Marley Plumbing and Drainage has launched a Deepflow Plus guttering system. The seven gutter fittings of the original Deepflow product have been redesigned, and six tools and a "twin-extrusion" line have been introduced to produce and install the gutter. Deepflow Plus can either be fitted with the traditional notched system using lugs, or by fixing the fittings direct to the fascia board of the building. Marley has also introduced the Easyclip, which the company says makes it easier to joint the gutter and fitting.
Marley Plumbing and Drainage 606

Watertight advice from Icopal
Icopal has published a new 22-page brochure on Sure-Weld TPO, a roof waterproofing system. Sure-Weld TPO is a PVC-free single-ply roofing system. The brochure provides information on the composition of Sure-Weld TPO and includes details on system selection including sample specifications for mechanically fastened, fully adhered and ballasted systems. There is also information on thermal insulation and details on available accessories, including vapour control layers.
Icopal 607

Brochure covers ridges and valleys
Marley Roofing has produced a technical brochure for its range of dry fix products for the ridge, hip, valley and verge. Details are illustrated using sectional drawings and cutaway isometric illustrations. Fixing notes are supplied along with product data, components required for each system and dimensions of key components. Marley says the brochure will help designers to satisfy the requirements of BS 5534 Code of practice for slating and tiling (including shingles).
Marley Roofing 608

Icy reception for cold-rolled purlins
Multibeam cladding support systems from Kingspan Metl-Con (formerly Ward Building Components) have been used in the construction of the National Ice Arena in Sheffield. As well as offering structural strength the Multibeam systems provide a feature in the ceiling of the 1500-seat arena. The Multibeam cold-rolled purlin sections were manufactured to order and pre-engineered to suit the client's design requirements.
Kingspan Metl-Con 612

Laminated I-joists span The Cape
Finnforest's Finnjoist I-joists in spans of up to 4.9 m have been specified by housebuilder CDC2020 for the roofs of The Cape development in Rottingdean, East Sussex. Finnforest says that the combination of wood laminated Kerto-S flanges and an oriented strand board web produces lighter and stronger spans, and reduces build time. Finnforest says that Kerto does not warp or twist and has more load-carrying capacity than most other timber.
Finnforest 613

Flooring products

G Stress-busting floor patterns
Chris Tipping is the artist behind a decorative floor in an extension to the Radiotherapy Suite at Churchill Hospital, Oxford. The specially commissioned design is intended to ease the stress of patients undergoing radiography. It has been realised using Forbo Marmoleum, and extends into the external elevations. The £750,000 extension was designed by architect Grey, Baynes and Shew.
Forbo Marmoleum 615

Silent foot steps
Interfloor has introduced the dBan noise reduction system into the UK market to help specifiers conform with Part E of the Building Regulations. The dBan 200 and dBan 300 are manufactured from rubber – much of it recycled – and designed to be laid over the subfloor at the building stage. The system absorbs impacts that transmit as sound between floors, adds weight to timber floors to reduce reverberations, absorbs airborne noise and improves thermal performance. The acoustic barrier dBan is supplied in rolls and the airborne noise reduction dBan 300 in mat slabs. They can be used independently or doubled up for extra performance.
Interfloor 616

Mail order flooring
New Tile Effect Laminate Flooring is available from Screwfix Direct. The flooring has a textured finish and AquaStop low absorbency core. It is available in beige or black slate and is ideally suited to kitchen and conservatory use and can be laid as a floating floor.
Screwfix Direct 617

Good wood website
The Wood for Good web site has had a makeover, in a bid to become the first stop for specifiers looking to specify wood products. There is a wide range of technical information and fact sheets on products. The new site is easier to navigate and includes an events section that will be regularly updated.
Wood for Good 618

Precast concrete floorings brochure
Hanson Building Products has published a precast concrete flooring systems brochure featuring four of its systems: Jetfloor, beam and block, Hollowcore and Omnia wideslab. The guide details each system's U-values, isometric drawings and technical information.
Hanson Building Products 619

Solvent-free, seamless protection
Resin flooring specialists Resdev has introduced a new solvent-free elastomeric membrane system for seamless leak protection for exposed areas such as car park decking and flat roofs. Pumaflex membrane is a liquid applied, flexible tanking system which Resdev claims can be bonded to almost any substrate including timber, metal, asphalt and existing flooring systems. Resdev says that the system is highly resistant to stress, offering high bond strength and stability. Pumaflex is crack and abrasion resistantaccording to Resdeve, and the membrane is impervious to water and chemicals.
Resdev 620

Magnetic rubber revolution
Rubber flooring manufacturer Dalsouple has been granted a patent for its new magnetic rubber tiles for use in access floor installations. The tiles are loose laid onto metal access panels and held in place by magnetic attraction. Thy are available in a wide range of colours and textures and are anti-slip and cigarette burn resistant.
Dalsouple 624

Hats off in Hatfield

Roof insulation by Kingspan has been used in the construction of the new de Havilland Campus for the University of Hertfordshire at Hatfield. Contractor SIAC Construction specified insulation from Kingspan’s Therma range for both the metal and concrete decks of the flat roof to achieve the required thermal performance. In total SIAC installed 6000 m2 of CFC/HCFC-free Thermaroof TR26 zero ODP in two layers of 70 mm and 85 mm on the roof of the Academic Building and Learning Resource Centre. The product has a Class 1 fire rating and a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m2K.
Kingspan Insulation 600

Clark Shoes stretches to an E

Clark Shoes has specified 42,300 Kalzip E Clips for its new 30,000 m2 distribution warehouse in Street, Somerset. Kalzip says its E Clip and liner deck system allows thermal bridge-free roofing and wall cladding constructions, which can achieve U-values of 0.13 W/m2. Incorporating a low profile structural deck, the system has been designed for new buildings where purlin centres are greater than normal. Kalzip says the clips have been tested for structural performance, including wind suction, load compression and durability.
Kalzip 609

Single-ply roofing gets vetted

Alkor Draka single-ply roofing products have been used on three roofs of the latest phase of the animal clinical centre at the Royal Vet College’s Hawkshead Campus in Hertfordshire. One steel and glass structure has a 180 m2 waveform roof consisting of a metal deck, Alkorplu LDPE vapour control layer and rigid polyurethane insulation, topped with mechanically attached Alkorplan PVC waterproof membrane. The second, 160 m2 roof section has a metal deck base, Alkorplus VCL and rigid mineral wool insulation overlaid with mechanically fastened Alkorplan. The final building is a warm pitched roof of 300 m2 with a plain galvanised deck, Alkorplus VCL, rigid polyurethane insulation and mechanically fastened Alkorplan.
Alkor Draka 610

Argos gets brighter solution

Brett Martin Daylight Systems has supplied its Trilite GRP rooflights for a 65,000 m2 distribution centre for Argos in Burton on Trent. The triple-skin rooflights were assembled on site and make up 15% of the total roof area. The roofing contractors Roofdec used Trilite as an integral part of the CA Group’s Twintherm roofing system. Brett Martin says that the combination achieves a U-value of 2.2 W/m2K to meet Part L of the Building Regulations and offers a Class 1 fire rating.
Brett Martin 611

Easy-to-keep verge system

Lafarge has launched the Ambi-Dry Verge System, which the company says provides a maintenance-free verge for slates and five profiled tiles from the Redland range. There are terracotta, brown and grey versions which Lafarge says can match all the slates, tiles and other details of the roof. There is no need for an undercloak of mortar verges, which Lafarge says reduces installation time and removes the problem of mortar being washed out. It also means that it can be fitted in wet weather.
Lafarge 614

Straight up

Mark Brown of Measur Construction Consultants talks concrete, slate and timber laminate What’s been your best ever specification?
The smooth, stone-like, fairfaced concrete walls (using Visqueen on ply formwork) at King Henry’s Road, a new private house designed by Jamie Fobert Architects What’s been the best product innovation of recent years?
Plastic jointless pipework such as Hep2O What construction product do you swear by?
Jansen section window frames What material will we all be using in five years time?
Facing brickwork with lime mortar What’s the most overused, cliched building product currently in use?
“Timber” laminate flooring – yeuch … Is there any red tape that keeps you awake at night?
SMM7 – the Standard Method of Measurement of building works What’s your favourite roofing product?
Welsh slate

Flipping good decking

It would be safe to say that sea lions at Whipsnade Zoo aren’t as tough as their cousins living in the wild. While sea lions swimming in the sea risk being eaten alive by sharks or killer whales, the worse that can happen to the Whipsnade contingent is a splinter in the flipper. Now even this danger has passed as Barclay the bull sea lion and his mates have just had a new splinter-free timber deck installed in their enclosure. Finnforest supplied the softwood decking, which have been pressure treated to ensure it withstands harsh seawater conditions and the constant pounding of the blubbery sea mammals. The environmentally friendly treatment also ensures the sea lions don’t come into contact with harmful chemicals.
Finnforest 621

Superinsulating loft decking

Knauf Insulation has launched a loft decking product called Polyfoam Supadeck Insulation Board. Supadeck is a laminated board which is made by bonding high-strength Polyfoam extruded polystyrene to a sheet of flooring grade chipboard. Knauf says that the 1200mm x 600mm size enables the board to be fitted in lofts with small loft hatches. Knauf claims that a layer of 100mm mineral wool can achieve a 0.16 W/m2K U-value. Knauf says that in a loft without Supadeck, a 270mm thick layer of mineral wool and supporting cross joists would be required to achieve the 0.16 U-value target.
Knauf Insulation 622

Colour selector

Heuga has introduced new colours into three of its carpet tile ranges: 530 Quantum, 580 Olympic and 731 Elandra. It has also added five standard print options to the 580 Olympic and 725 Phoenix ranges. The Huega capret tiles colour selector gives specifiers the opportunity to weigh up their colour options.
Interface Europe 623