Construction’s professional bodies are set to join together to implement a range of strategies across the UK and China.

The move has been recommended by the Construction Industry Council’s Futures Group, which has looked at increasing collaboration between professional institutions.

The group aims to develop a collective approach to serving UK regions, and a joint strategy for targeting work opportunities in China.

It also wants increased partnership in attempts to influence government.

The proposals, put forward last week, follow a year’s research into potential areas of integration between the Futures Group’s 12 member institutions. The outcome will form the basis for the group’s implementation strategy for 2005.

Julian Amey, chief executive of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, a member of the group, praised the willingness of the institutions to work together. He said: “The chemistry between the institutions is beginning to buzz. I’ve noticed a real improvement in the level of co-operation between us.”

Amey also hit back at critics of the group, who have claimed it has done little to improve co-operation since its establishment in June 2003. He said: “The Futures Group is still only in its infancy. It’s a new model, but it’s already producing real results.”