The Housing Corporation was expected to announce a revamp of its management structure as Building went to press.
It is understood that a statement was to be made today or early next week, once the finishing touches to the proposal have been made.

The shake-up, intended to provide the organisation with stronger leadership, is one of the first steps made by Jon Rouse, the recently installed chief executive.

Earlier in the week the corporation came under fire from a parliamentary select committee.

The urban affairs committee said that the corporation lacked vision and was failing to promote social housing.

But Rouse said the committee had underlined the need for the organisation, as it had argued that the corporation was vital to the delivery of the government's sustainable communities plan.

The report urged better communication between the corporation and regeneration quango English Partnerships to help deliver the communities plan.

Rouse said: "I'm pleased to report that a number of the areas for improvement highlighted in the report, including a streamlined regional structure and closer working relationships with other stakeholders, are actually already in place or have been picked up by our End to End review."