Report published in collaboration with Cabe and English Partnerships recommends national minimum standards for all new-build housing

The RIBA has called for all new-build housing to be built to minimum space standards.

The call came in the same week as research on space standards, commissioned by the RIBA with Cabe and English Partnerships, found that almost 50% of those living in new-build homes in London and the south-east did not have enough room for all their furniture.

Research by the Policy Exchange found that levels of space in English homes are smaller than nearly every other country in Europe. The average floorspace of a new home in England and Wales is 76m2, compared with an average of 115m2 in Holland.

Ewan Willars, Head of Policy at the RIBA said: “This report by Cabe is a very important first step into reviewing the condition of current private housing stock, and how people are using their space; it comes as little surprise that residents have reported that they have insufficient space for their basic daily activities and needs. It is important to ask whether the private market is meeting the demands of consumers. This research shows that the current system is not working for many, and that consumers are not getting the internal space they require.”

The RIBA said it would now work with Cabe to break down some of the barriers to building larger homes.