Scottish east central hub will deliver health and education projects over ten years

Developer Robertson, consultant Amber Infrastructure and contractor FES have been appointed to undertake £500m of infrastructure projects in East Central Scotland.

The consortium, known as Amber Blue Consortium, will deliver a range of health and education projects over the next ten years.

The Scottish Futures trust, which is overseeing the development, said the hub model employed, which will see Amber Blue work in a joint venture company with a variety of public bodies, will mean there is plenty of work for SME contractors in the area.

Neil McCormick, bid director of Amber Blue, said: “We have already commenced dialogue with a number of local businesses within the hub area who are well placed to become part of the teams for each identified project, in turn enhancing employment opportunities within the local economy.”

The hubs, which are being developed in each region of Scotland, are expected to deliver £1.4bn of infrastructure work by 2020.