Stanhope director Peter Rogers, who replaces Sir John Egan as chairman of the strategic forum, has disagreed with two of his predecessor's key proposals.
In an interview with Building, Rogers said that Egan's idea of creating independent client advisers was misguided. He said: "I'm very nervous … that creates another profession and there are already competent people who can give clients advice."

He also disagreed with Egan's view that clients should be given the main responsibility for driving change in the industry. He said: "If you say it's all the client's responsibility, it gives the industry a way out, and that's very dangerous. The industry has to be responsible for the product."

Rogers said his main goal during the two-year appointment was to disseminate the Egan message throughout the construction industry, especially to small firms.

He identified four other items on his agenda: improving site discipline, better preplanning of projects, recruiting more skilled people and improving the professional education available to students.

The Accelerating Change report, published today, sets out a number of targets to improve the working practices of the industry.

I’m very nervous about client advisers. There are already competent people to offer advice

Peter Rogers, chairman, strategic forum

n One-fifth of projects to be undertaken by integrated teams and supply chains by 2004, and one-fifth of clients to be signed up to a clients' charter. By 2007, half of clients should be charter members.

  • The industry should recruit and retain 300,000 qualified people by the end of 2006.

    The report said that the forum would also ensure that a toolkit is developed by April 2003 to help clients and individual supply-side members assemble integrated teams.