Exeter-based contractor Rok this week announced that 150 jobs would be lost after its £16.25m acquisition of rival firm Llewellyn.
Rok chief executive Garvis Snook said the job losses would come from administration and middle-management positions in Llewellyn. Workers at the south coast firm were told on Monday about the redundancies, which will cost Rok about £1.5m. The first staff will leave by mid-November.

“There is lots of potential at Llewellyn but there are too many layers of management and administration. This will reduce that and empower the staff,” Snook said. He said the restructuring would result in annual savings of £3m.

Rok also announced this week that Neal Hunt had been appointed as Llewellyn’s managing director. Hunt, who headed Llewellyn’s London business, has been with the firm since 1984.