Double-deckers converted to short-term housing, and Routemasters could be next.

While the last Routemaster bus – the 159 from Marble Arch to Streatham Hill – will make its final journey tomorrow, double-deckers in other parts of the capital are being given a new lease of life as temporary accommodation for the homeless.

Eight double-deckers – which have been fitted out with kitchens, bathrooms and living space for up to five occupants – are being lent by new London company Double Decker Living to homeless charities over Christmas. There are plans to revamp Routemasters, but for this first stage of the project Leyland Olympians are being used.

Each bus is fitted with solar panels and recycling bins, and has a low-noise heating system. Jason Hart, from Double Decker Living, told the BBC: “Everyone I speak to laughs because it sounds so strange, but once they see it for themselves, they become very enthusiastic about the idea.”