Plans to build homes in a village on the southern outskirts of Glasgow have unleashed a hail of objection from residents during the public consultation on the city's plan for the future.
Under the proposal, Scottish housebuilder John Dickie Homes was to build 30 houses in Carmunnock, but residents were adamant that the village could not cope with the extra traffic.

Glasgow council received 300 objections to the plan during the eight-week consultation period, which ended this week, with 250 of them from people in Carmunnock.

The plan, launched in April, is a comprehensive outline for the future of Glasgow, pulling together 44 local plans.

City planner Steve Turnbull confirmed that 250 submissions objected to the Carmunnock proposal. He said most objections had been over increased traffic but added that many locals also believed that the development was not right for the area.

Turnbull said: "The city plan allocates land space for developments, and the public consultation period is the time to sort out any problems. The development may be amended but I expect the case to go a planning inquiry."

John Dickie land director Martin Hannah said the issue was a matter for Glasgow council.

He said it was too early for the public to reach general conclusions. City planners would now have to work on possible revisions.

Hannah said: "The details of the proposals have not been finalised and our message to the residents of Carmunnock would be to wait and see what the detailed plan and revisions bring and then to reach conclusions."