Health and safety inspectors are carrying out another investigation on the Wembley stadium project in north-west London after a second accident involving a crane occurred on the site on Monday.
Two workers with steel firm Cleveland Bridge were seriously injured when a man-riding basket struck a roof platform and fell 4 m.

An HSE spokesperson said that the cause of the accident ought to be established fairly quickly.

He said the type of the crane involved would not be in operation while the investigation was being carried out. He added that the accident was not related to the crane collapse that occurred in February. This led to the death of PC Harrington worker Patrick O'Sullivan.

Building revealed last month that quantity surveyors employed by Australian firm Multiplex, the main contractor at Wembley, had warned the company directors six months ago that they had serious safety concerns over PC Harrington, the concrete contractor on the stadium.

Multiplex said that the minutes of the meeting did not reflect the view of Multiplex.

The HSE is also considering the possibility of sabotage in connection with the death of O'Sullivan.

  • Last week, work had to be delayed on the landmark Wembley arch owing to technical difficulties. It is understood that the lift of the arch had to be halted after problems were discovered in some of the welding joints.