How construction fared in the City this week
Magnanimity does not come easily to Sharewatch. After what seemed like months (because it was) of bullying classroom dunce Amey, Sharewatch finally has to proffer its hand and make friends. The firm had a decent week at last, and was nearly top of the class in the support services sector with a 41.8% increase in its share price, which rose to 32.25p.

The price increased because Amey's largest shareholders accepted an £81m offer from Spanish construction company Ferrovial.

But what is this? Amey finds itself in the centre of yet another classroom row. The Financial Services Authority is investigating irregular share price movements and heavy share buying ahead of key announcements involving four companies – including Amey.

It has been rumoured that a bad-boy gang of professionals in the City were trading illegally. Amey shares rose from 20p to 27p the day before the announcement of the sale, and the FSA has launched an inquiry.

So Amey may have escaped Sharewatch's cruel mockery for one week, which is clearly a reason for any respectable company to rejoice. But like an acne-ridden, ginger-haired teenager, it still seems to attract trouble no matter what it does.