A steel contractor on the Swiss Re headquarters in the City of London is suing Skanska for allegedly withholding nearly £1m.
Subcontractor Victor Buyck is claiming £990,144 from Skanska for damages for breach of contract. The writ claims Skanska wrongly withheld the sum for costs, delay and craneage shifts.

Victor Buyck is suing for payment of the money and interest, running at £189 a day.

The writ states that Victor Buyck issued a statement last September seeking an interim payment of almost £2.5m, and that Skanska was in breach of contract after it failed to pay all the money due.

Robert Obbard, managing director of Victor Buyck, refused to comment on the action, although he did say that Swiss Re was one of the most fabulous steel buildings in the world and that he was "totally proud what we've done".

Skanska refused to comment.