Hazelton Homes has installed Baxi solar panels at its development of apartments in Anstey, Leicestershire. The in-roof flat-plate solar collectors will provide hot water for all the top-floor apartments at the site.

The Solarflo in-roof panels were incorporated into the roof structure during construction and lie flush with the tiles. The panels absorb solar energy, which heats a mixture of water and glycol that is sealed into the system. This liquid is then circulated through a dedicated coil to heat the water in the hot water storage cylinder.

The system can meet up to 60% of the annual hot water requirements, reducing fuel bills and lowering carbon dioxide emissions by up to half a tonne per year. The rest of the hot water is generated using the boiler which feeds a second coil in the cylinder, or electric immersion heater.

Baxi Solarflo is also available as an on-roof option for retro-fitting on existing properties. The complete package includes flat-plate solar collectors, hydraulic controller, including solar gain sensor, electronic controls and all the accessories to complete the installation. A Heatrae Sadia solar cylinder can be included or added to the package for complete flexibility.