Communications group aims to improve industry awareness while new plant group will expand crane work

The Strategic Forum has created two new health and safety groups to improve construction industry practice in the UK.

The new plant working group will build on the work of the tower crane sub-group, which is to be disbanded. Tackling the continuing health and safety challenges posed by the use of plant on UK sites, it will be chaired by chief executive of the Construction Products Association, Colin Wood.

Meanwhile, the new communications working group will focus on attempting to reach the estimated 20% of the construction industry not engaged on health and safety issues. It will be chaired by Edward Woods, chairman of the Scottish House Builders Health and Safety Forum.

Working condition guides have now been distributed to all tower crane operators, it was also announced.

The tower crane working group, which is behind the tower crane safety initiative, will hold its final meeting on 11 December, when it will consider how best to monitor the industry's takeup of the new guidance.