Laboursite is taking Jarvis to court amid claims that the support services firm is sitting on 100 outstanding invoices.

Middlesex firm Laboursite has lodged a £500,000 demand to retrieve money it is owed by Jarvis. The supplier claims that Jarvis has more than 100 outstanding invoices.

As Jarvis tries to pull itself out of a deep, dark financial hole it is in danger of being pushed even further back as contractors run out of sympathy and start high-court action to get unpaid bills settled.

Some of the firm's PFI projects have been 'on hold' for almost a year, with a total of 14 significant projects currently at a standstill. Alan Lovell, who was appointed chief executive to steer the company out of trouble, remains adamant that his refinancing, restructuring plans will rescue Jarvis from the brink of collapse.