New arrival joins from RLB

T&T Alinea has brought in former RLB partner Chris Trew as a director to work at its specialist services team.

Trew specialises in infrastructure and utilities and spent nearly two years at RLB after a two year stint at Gleeds. Before that he spent 20 years at Aecom.

chris trew cropped

Chris Trew will work at T&T Alinea’s specialist services team

T&T Alinea head of London cost management Iain Parker said: “His strategic advice will play a pivotal role in guiding clients through projects, drawing from his extensive track-record in working with most of London’s developer clients. Additionally, his strong relationships with utilities providers will allow Chris to add value and mitigate risk for clients.

“In a market where utilities and their infrastructure pose both significant challenges and opportunities, Chris’s unique knowledge and experience will help us deliver for our clients.”