Investigation under way into death during nighttime maintenance work for Vesuvius UK

A bricklayer was killed in the early hours of Saturday morning while working at the Corus steel factory on Teesside.

Kristian Norris, 29, was a refractory bricklayer employed by Vesuvius UK to carry out maintenance work at the Lackenby plant.

The father of two died at about 3am but the exact cause of his death is still unclear. Cleveland police and the Health and Safety Executive are investigating the incident.

Construction union Ucatt, of which Norris was a member, has sent its condolences to the family. John Scott, Northern region secretary, said: “The death of any worker is tragic but particularly so when they were so young.”

Scott said that the death “once again emphasised that you can never have too high a level of health and safety at work”.

He added: “No matter how good companies believe health and safety levels are there can always be improvements. We must all do more to ensure that there are not similar tragedies in the future.”