FJ Chalcroft (Construction) ruled at fault after unsecured rail let worker fall to his death

The Court of Appeal has upheld a judgment to fine a construction company after an employee died working at height.

In October 2007 Nottingham crown court fined FJ Chalcroft (Construction) of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, £260,000, and ordered it to pay £80,000 costs after worker Daniel Askew fell on a site in Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire.

Askew, 22, from Pembrokeshire, died when he fell 10m after leaning on an unsecured rail on the mezzanine area of a cold store under construction at the Belle Eau industrial park in November 2003.

Rosi Edwards, head of operations at the UK's Health and Safety Executive, said: “The decision on whether to reduce fines and costs (or not) is a decision for the court; however, we welcome today's decision as it serves as a strong reminder to the construction industry.

“Companies involved in building, refurbishment or maintenance should ensure that the work is planned properly and sensible measures taken so that workers are not exposed to unnecessary risk.”