Pioneering facility provides relief for transsexual students

A school in Thailand has set a truly modern example by building a transsexual toilet between the girls' and the boys' facilities.

The Kampang secondary school in the north-east of the country has constructed a third bathroom area, signposted by a half-man, half-woman figure in blue and red, according to the BBC.

Sitisak Sumontha, the school's head teacher, estimates that 10-20% of the boys in his school are transgender. Such students obviously feel uncomfortable using the boys' or girls' toilet facilities.

The transsexual washroom is believed to be the first such in a Thai secondary school, and has prompted discussion in others around the country that are thinking of following suit.

A technical college in Chiang Mai province set up a similar facility for its transvestite students in 2003, using a pink lotus as the logo.