Guests will be able to rent the pan-shaped house to raise money for the Korea Toilet Assocation

Feeling flush? For only $50,000 (£24,000) you could spend a night in this toilet-shaped house in South Korea.

Sanitation activist Sim Jae Duck will unveil his $1.8m (£880,000) new home in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province next month as part of his campaign for cleaner loos worldwide.

Billed as “the world’s one and only toilet house”, the steel and concrete building features three deluxe bathrooms plus a showcase loo that produces a mist to protect users’ modesty.

Duck – who was born in a restroom – will open up his house to paying guests to raise money for the Korea Toilet Association before moving in himself.

He has called his new dwelling “Haewoojae” or “a place where one can solve one’s worries” – a Korean euphemism for toilet. Any better suggestion should be posted below.