Here's an ideal working space for the climate and credit crunch - a low cost moveable office that's also flood-proof

Fancy catching up with your emails on the waves? Or finalising that bid while fishing for trout? Then the H2Office concept is right up your street.

The scheme, dreamt up by Welsh-based firm WaterSpace Developments and designed by Gillard Associates, is billed as a "workspace in which to work, play & stay".

The scheme is described by the architect as "somewhere between a boat and a self contained pod". Gillard Associates is planning to build a prototype floating office to be marketed early next year.

WarerSpace founder Andrew Masters came up with the idea after trying to source a watery-base in the local area to use as a base for his business projects. "After scouring the market all he could find were boring, depressing "concrete prisons" the company's website said.

The office is promised to include:

  • a compact design giving enough space for one or two people to work
  • a "private" working area (i.e. no overlooked by the neighbours!)
  • a "breakout" area (perhaps for small meetings, meals etc.)
  • a sun deck
  • kitchenette, marine toilet, shower & wet room
  • foldaway bunks (for occasional overnight stays)