This is the most important document – take your time, don’t lie and proof read

The cover letter will determine if your CV will be read by a potential employer.

Remember that this is the single most important document in the job process.

• The cover letter is your first point of interaction and a chance to sell yourself.
• Make an impression with a neatly laid out, and simple yet comprehensive letter.
• Establish a voice by standing out from the many other applicants, without being flashy or telling any lies.
• Make every world count as this needs to be a condensed version of not just your CV but you as a person.
• The cover letter should show the potential employer that you have studied the job application form and are the right candidate for the job.
• It also acts as a brief synopsis of your CV. Highlight the areas you want the interviewee to read but mentioning them in your cover letter.
• Don’t rush. Take your time and proof read again and again.


• Introduce yourself in the first paragraph. Say where you saw the job advertised. Sound professional and avoid mentioning your degree as this will make you seem like a graduate. Your education and qualifications will be in your CV.

• The second paragraph should outline your latest job, or if a graduate then your dissertation or equivalent. Stick to the main points as the detail will be outlined in your CV. Try to match the points to the job description.

• The third paragraph needs to be a bit more about you. Your personality, work ethics and goals need to be expressed without sounding too obvious. This is the paragraph that will help the interviewee decide on your personality and if it fits his or her team.

• The final paragraph is a simple statement on what is enclosed in the envelope and your availability for interviews.