Landmark's product promises an end to holding up bits of paper to the window

Traditionally, environmental consultants have had to use a light box to analyse and compare different layers of mapping. But digital mapping firm, Landmark, have created a piece of software which allows consultants to compare different levels of digital mapping.

Creator, Landmark, claims their new tool could save time spent on Phase 1 site analysis by up to 25%.

Envirocheck allows users to overlay and toggle between maps to easily capture points of interest from all layers as opposed to comparing different layers of hard copy mapping against a light box or a window.

David Mole, MD Landmark Environment, said: “While the same information can be captured through manual analysis of mapping, we know that in the current climate anything consultants can do to get that competitive edge will pay dividends with their client base.

“Speeding up the Phase 1 process through the development of Envirocheck Analysis will promote faster turnaround times and could help companies to fulfil more work with the same resource.”