Strong feelings aired by readers on the blacklist issue, damage from a tax clampdown, and ruthless supermarket cost-cutting

Construction blacklist boss fined just £5k

I think the wider issue here is the fact that so many companies purchased this info, clearly showing the effects that the more militant staff can have. If we want British work for British labour we need to be employable.
The subby

Fine plus costs equates to less than £2 for each name on the list. Kerr has made a good living by deliberately damaging the employment and career prospects of others. Many of these guys will have wives and children to support. Wholly inadequate is correct.
Stewart O'Brien

Clampdown threatens 13% hike in labour costs

Whilst I think I can understand the reasons behind the government pushing for this (increase revenue), its failure to appreciate the implications both short and long term (which I will not expand upon here) is testimony to its inability to leave areas of the construction industry alone – England is littered with failed government initiatives, colleges just the tip of the iceberg.

As it searches for ways to pay for its own and the banks' mistakes the construction industry is the easy target. What it gives with one hand it will take back with interest with the other.

The public sector is bulging with red tape, mismanagement, wasted resources and money and yet it is determined to focus on the private sector rather than getting its own house in order first – another knee jerk, ill thought out idea with short term opportunistic principles that flies in the face of the entrepreneur ideals that it purports to promote.
Paul K

They want cashback too: working with supermarkets

This aggressive cut to the bone mentality speaks volumes about the values the major supermarkets have on quality - how do you achieve a 40% saving on fees? You under-resource and reduce your scope, which will result in delays, defects, poor design, poor quality and probably result in the work going to cheaper consultants based in China - Well done superbrands, you are slowly sinking us into Slum Britannia...

Four sites chosen for eco-towns

Yet again and as with all new initiatives, the work is placed down south - what about an eco town in the North of England?
Normid Nomad