The RICS fails to impress one reader, while another's equally teed off at government schemes to aid homebuyers

What you think of the RICS fee increase

I have always read comments about the RICS with interest and in particular the eternal arguement about the relevance of the Institution to its members. Back in October '08 I was asked to complete an RICS online return confirming my RICS status. When my attempt to log on to the website failed I rang the help line number given. After numerous attempts over several days, it was discovered that the helpline number was faulty.

Unfortunately this resulted in me missing the deadline by a few days and to my amazement I was fined £75 by the RICS. When my appeal against the fine was rejected I was fined a further £300! Is that how the RICS supports its members? Well it shouldn't be. My membership started 22 years ago; it won't make it to 23.
Stephen Tanner

Homebuyer lending increases

I appreciate the lending amount in total on the Homebuy scheme has increased. My own experience of the scheme and in particular the MyChoice Homebuy scheme is not so positive. I run (well, scratch the surface – just above insolvency) a small residential development company and took great comfort in the MyChoice scheme several months ago when commencing marketing. We now have 30% of our scheme sold subject to purchasers securing a MyChoice grant, only to discover that the scheme funding has expired and HCA have no intention of providing further funding.

I find the support mechanisms provided by the Government are “part time media gimmicks". I'm sure the Homebuy Scheme which relies on the developers committing long term alongside the HCA will have a longer shelf life. The larger developers will survive, but how many smaller companies will not?
Michael Callaghan

Why nobody wants to buy

There is also the added problem for listed companies that most purchases were partly paid for in shares. With share prices so low purchasers will be thinking that they are now "overpaying" as they probably still believe that their share prices are undervalued. I can't see much acquisition happening until share prices start to climb.
Andrew Hemsley

Bored of boards

Bamboo scaffolding has been a traditional practice is China and HK for years- even for high-rise buildings.

It is not cost cutting. It is clever use of material as it is quick to set up and the material is economical. Pls do your homework first!

Chelsea Barracks: which design do you prefer?

Quinlan Terry's scheme is meant to complete organically, naturally, the urban texture, while Rogers' is just overimposing regardless of the existing environment, besides being cold and soulless.