Advocates for regulating ventilation installation and against roof turbines – and why it's sometimes best to bark like a dog

Blacklist lobby group seeks action against major firms

I am also on the blacklist. I am there because when I am treated like a dog I will bark like a dog. The worst problem is our own fellow workers who are too weak to say what needs to be said but will always accept better conditions; the less we complain the more some companies will exploit the workforce.

Keeping your head down, Mr Subby, is only a sign of weakness.

Eco-ventilation health scare prompts regulation change

Dr Swainson and NHBC are absolutely right. I have been in the ventilation industry for 20 years and have come across some appalling installations. The system is only as good as the installer, so it's about time it becomes regulated and we can stop the cowboys fitting a vital part of a sustainable home.
D Roberts

New plant will make roof tiles from nappies

Where there's muck there's brass. Someone has been thinking hard!
Shropshire Architect

Energy body calls for better wind turbine information

The EST report is quite clear about this – even with their optimistic future projections, rooftop turbines will contribute ~3.5% to total micro-wind potential (the rest coming from ~6kW turbines on poles without obstructions and ideally nowhere near the building). The required legislation is therefore pretty clear: stop funding rooftop turbines.
D Jenkins

Physicist Hawking lobbies for college funding

If Government is that poor, why not pull the tax payers 'investment' into the banks, let RBS go to the wall and then there will be enough money to support legitimate schemes and everyone of UK citizens for the next 500 years.
Michael Kerton