Firm will oversee roll out key priority for mayor Boris Johnson in contract worth £2.67m

Consultant Turner & Townsend has been appointed to manage a prestigious retrofit programme to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings in London.

The contract, worth £2.67m, will see the firm oversee the roll out of the programme, described as a key priority for mayor Boris Johnson, under which public occupiers of buildings see savings in energy bills guaranteed by an Energy Services Company which installs eco upgrades.

The multi-million pound programme, called RE:FIT, is already open to any public body in the capital and is designed to see public buildings reduce carbon emissions by 20-25%. However Turner & Townsend, alongside management consultant PA Consulting Group, has been brought in to drive uptake. RE:FIT will be part funded by the £100m London Energy Efficiency Fund but will also seek investment from participating public bodies.

Turner & Townsend will recruit new public sector clients to participate in the programme and will help them to understand how it can be applied to their building stock.

In addition, the consultant will assist in the preparation of tenders and the procurement of suppliers to deliver the energy savings. It will also report on the impact and overall carbon reduction achieved, and evaluate the performance of participating organisations.