Two bricklayers have accused construction union UCATT of leaving them with a bill of almost £500 after they withdrew from an industrial tribunal over holiday pay entitlement.

The workers, who were due to be represented by the union, were told to pay costs to brickwork subcontractor Irvine Whitlock when they withdrew the day before the hearing.

They have now written asking the union to pay the costs ordered by the tribunal, but claim they have not received a reply.

A UCATT spokesperson said it was looking into the matter.

Irvine Whitlock managing director Geoffrey Irvine said: “I feel the union should pay the costs rather than these lads. I don’t see why they should have to pay for taking an issue to a tribunal, even if they did decide to withdraw.”

Irvine added: “Personally, I’m disappointed that the tribunal didn’t take place as a ruling on how the Working Time Directive applies to construction holiday pay would be of benefit to both employers and employees. It’s still a confusing issue and one that really needs to be fully resolved.”

The tribunal case was to have centred on how companies assess the 13-week period that workers must complete before becoming eligible for paid holidays.