First of 27 roof trusses is lifted into place at the Olympic Park

The Olympic Delivery Authority has released new images of the construction of the roof on the Olympic Stadium’s, which began this week.

The pictures show the first 30 metre long steel section of the roof truss being lifted into place, taking the height of the Stadium to almost 37 metres. Completing the roof will take a further nine months, with 27 additional truss sections required.

The ODA is using a 1,350 tonne super lift crane to lift each 85 tonne, 15 metre high section and hold it in place while it is bolted to the top of the 27 metre high roof support columns.

The news comes as the ODA released a document today which claimed to demonstrate it was on track for meeting all of its ten major milestones it set itself for July 2009.

ODA Chair John Armitt said the ODA had made a very strong start on the construction of the flagship stadium. “The construction of the roof starts to give a real indication of how the Olympic Stadium will look during the Games,” he said.

There are currently over 500 workers on the Olympic Stadium site, a figure set to rise to 700 as the internal fit-out work starts.

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