If Tessa Jowell takes over the chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority her partners will hope she's more discrete than Jack Lemley

God, we said it was going to be Tessa Jowell. Whether our sources let us down or not, one thing for sure is that Whitehall has been full of speculation about whether Tessa Jowell will takeover the chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority. The advert for the post went into the Sunday Times recently and a host of industry big wigs will no doubt be linked to the role in the coming weeks.

Jowell’s name is being touted around because people believe as a Blairite she has no place in a Gordon Brown government.

Whoever gets the job needs to be able to smooth over troubled waters - something Jack Lemley, the previous incumbent, was unable to do. Remember when he shot his mouth off to a local paper after leaving in a reported row over rising costs?

The new chair will need to work with David Higgins and smooze key stakeholders if he or she is to survive the pressure cooker reality of delivering London's extravaganza. With her years in government Jowell at least knows the rules of engagement.