The greenhouse project will regenerate Beeston in Leeds as well as providing sustainable features such as wind turbines, solar thermal and super insultation

Work on the UK’s first carbon negative residential development has begun. The ‘greenhouse’ project, which is located in one of the most socially disadvantaged areas of Leeds, will cost £26 million.

West + Machell Architects worked on the design for developer Citu, which will offer 172 one, two and three-bedroom eco-homes.

The development uses ground source heat pump technology, rooftop mounted wind turbines, a rooftop solar thermal system, state-of-the-art super insulation and a 100metre (328ft) wind turbine.

Each year the greenhouse development will save 2 tonnes of carbon per flat compared to a conventional modern flat, as well as cutting tenant’s bills by up to a 1/3 compared to other homes.

Additional features embrace a design-led approach to minimising adverse environmental impacts, including an electric car-sharing scheme for apartment owners, a bike by-the-hour service and the provision of free umbrellas to encourage walking to work.

Mac Maclean, Director of Citu, said: “With greenhouse, we are touching the nerve of the nation; this is the most exciting development we’ve been involved in and will make a massive positive impact.”

Local MP Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, has a keen interest in the regeneration plans and the eco-modern development. He said: “The project is an excellent example of the role community consultation plays in urban regeneration. It is very refreshing to see this development using a number of innovative and forward-thinking techniques to improve both the local and wider environment. This shows what can be done.”