Controversy surrounding the development of Smithfield market? Not just in 2014, but also exactly 150 years ago in the pages of The Builder

The Builder 1864 Smithfield article

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Over the past few weeks, Building has been following the controversy over architect John McAslan’s plans to redevelop the City of London’s historic Smithfield market.

By striking coincidence, this magazine was reporting on nearly the same issue exactly 150 years ago this week, with an article bemoaning plans to redevelop Smithfield to make way for a new railway.

The article, entitled “A last glance at North Smithfield”, says: “Many changes have taken place in Smithfield, but none of them of more consequence than will be the advent of the ‘iron horse’ on to the site of the once world-famed metropolitan cattle-market, and the completion of the spacious new markets.”

It then goes on to wax lyrical about the site’s history as a place of “jousting and pageantry” for Tudor and Plantagenet kings.

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