Specifiers’ guide to acoustic, fire & thermal insulation returns as interactive resource

As part of continued investment in tools which help to save specifiers’ time and make it easier to identify the correct insulation solutions for facades, walls, floors and roofs, ROCKWOOL has launched the new ROCKWOOL Red Book – a fully interactive guide which provides digital access to technical data, product certification and a wide range of specification support materials.

Always well regarded by specifiers, the ROCKWOOL Red Book has been out of print for several years. Now back and digitally revamped to meet the needs of building professionals, the ROCKWOOL Red Book provides an essential and practical resource that brings all the relevant specification data for ROCKWOOL acoustic, fire and thermal solutions, into a single place.

ROCKWOOL's Red Book returns as interactive resource

Specifiers’ guide to acoustic, fire & thermal insulation returns as interactive resource

Application-driven, the ROCKWOOL Red Book provides detailed guidance for designing ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation into façade, wall, floor and roof build-ups. This includes NBS Clauses, BIM objects, BBA certification and technical datasheets. Recognising the importance of being able to find a product’s reaction to fire ratings, users can verify the Euroclass rating of a product as the ROCKWOOL Red Book links directly to the Declaration of Performance database on the ROCKWOOL website. This enables the specifier to quickly evidence the non-combustibility of their chosen ROCKWOOL solution, whilst seeing other key performance characteristics that are declared as part of the product’s CE marking.

In addition to technical documentation, application pages give specifiers direct access to online calculation tools for U-values and acoustics, making it easier to evaluate the potential performance of façade, wall, floor and roof build-ups.

Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management, ROCKWOOL, comments: “Since we last produced the ROCKWOOL Red Book, the world has become much more of a digital place. We’ve responded to this by creating a specification support tool that makes all the relevant online and electronic resources directly accessible from within the ROCKWOOL Red Book. Our objective was to create a practical guide that is easy to use, helping to save time while maintaining the robustness of the specification process. We believe we’ve achieved this and will be regularly releasing new updates to ensure the content remains relevant and accurate, as well as evolving it in line with market feedback.”

As a comprehensive specification support tool, the ROCKWOOL Red Book extends beyond core product information to help customers develop further understanding of the latest building regulations. Featuring acoustic, thermal and fire standards for England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, the ROCKWOOL Red Book helps to navigate the differences between these devolved regulations.

The ROCKWOOL Red Book also features a series of additional calculation tools and guides to support wider project requirements, including the FIREPRO® Solution Finder, which simplifies the identification of solutions for firestopping applications, and the Flat Roof Zoning Tool, which ensures the efficient use of insulation products across a flat roof.

Specifiers can develop further understanding of specifying stone wool insulation through ROCKWOOL’s essential CPD programme for construction professionals. The CPD schedule can be accessed through the Red Book.

To download a copy of the ROCKWOOL Red Book, please visit www.rockwool.co.uk/redbook.