It’s in with the old, in with the new, as manufacturers offer a range of products to revamp diverse properties ranging from hotels to offices

Wood floor patterns

Wood floor patterns

Kährs has introduced Bloc Collection, a patterned wood floor created using individual oak staves, in three different sizes and shades. Bloc staves have an even timber grain, a lightly brushed surface and a beveled edge along all four sides and have a stained lacquer finish. Individual staves are 18mm thick and measure 300 x 300mm, 300 x 600mm or 300 x 900mm. The engineered construction comprises a sustainable oak surface layer and back, and a plywood core. This method provides a surface that is climatically stable, making Kährs Bloc Collection ideal for installation over underfloor heating systems.

Internal timber doors and screens

Stemko DFC has provided a range of internal glazed products for extensive extension and refurbishment works to Chai Cancer Care’s North London clinic.

Stemko provided timber glazed screens, internal timber acoustic doors and external sliding sash windows which would match the existing properties windows.

The company claims that Partnering with Stemko DFC gave the client complete project peace of mind, as it knew from previous contracts it had worked together on that it would have the knowledge and experience to provide the correctly specified products, while matching the non-standard design requirements of the clinic.

Stemko DFC

Air/water chillers

CIATCooler LP/ILP, the new range of reversible air/water water chillers for indoor installation, now offers 32 models covering net refrigeration capacities from 18 to 195kW and net heating capacities from 22 to 215kW.

Available in standard or HEE (High Energy Efficiency) versions, this range is suitable for both new and renovated buildings.

CIATCooler LP/ILP is Eurovent-certified and includes all of the latest technologies, placing it at the top of the energy tables with an EER of up to 2.86 (HEE range) in energy class A. In heat pump mode, 80% of the models are in class A.

CIAT Ozonair

Readymix plasters

Readymix plasters

More than 100,000m2 of Airless Readymix Plaster developed by Readymix has accelerated construction and simplified supply chains on a scheme to transform a former brownfield site into one of the largest student developments in Europe.

Built in three phases by Metnor Construction, the Portland Green student village on the eastern edge of Newcastle city centre will provide more than 2,000 beds - together with retail and leisure facilities.

Readymix Plaster was chosen as it does not need any direct water on site and so cuts down water usage by up to 50% when compared against traditional powder skim products, and transport requirements are minimised as one 25kg bag will cover up to 20m² of wall.


Electronic handle sets and escutcheons

Abloy UK has launched OPTIMA, a range of electronic handle sets and escutcheons that provide standalone single door control, operating as an electronic master-keying system. The product is available in four different platforms including both software and non-software based access control, such as standalone, offline, update-on-card, and wireless.

The system can be operated via a web-based client and mobile app, and boasts intuitive software and email alerts, and can be incorporated into existing access control systems, including retrofitting to existing mechanical lock cases. This solution offers monitoring status of the door, certification to European standards EN179, EN1125, CE marking and fire test certificate.


Metal consumer units

In response to Amendment 3 to the wiring regulations, Hager UK has launched its Design Range of metal consumer units. The new regulations, which have now been officially released explain that all domestic consumer units fitted in the UK from January 2016 will have to be made of a non-combustible material.

The Design Range of consumer unit enclosures is made from metal in order to comply with the regulations. The range includes cable entry knockouts designed to accommodate 25mm x 40mm, 50mm x 50mm, 100mm x 50mm trunking, which allows access to the board when surface mounting cables.


Multi-functional glazing

Multi-functional glazing

GlassSolutions has designed a multi-functional glazing used for two refurbishment projects at and around St Paul’s cathedral. The re-fenestration and facelift project comprises extensive office space and 23 guest rooms from the Grange St Paul’s Hotel.

GlassSolutions designed a glass specification featuring the new SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 60/28 to compliment the bespoke window system, with a 1.0W/m2k U-value. Over 600m2 of double glazed units were crafted for the new complex.



Movers and makers

  • The Schueco AWS 90.SI+ window has received full Passive House certification. The company says the window’s thermal performance - it delivers a U value of 0.8W/m2K with 0.7W/m2K triple glazing - enables it to make a positive contribution to the overall energy efficiency of a building. Two other windows in the AWS 90 window range, the Schueco AWS 90.SI+ Green and the Schueco AWS 90 BS.SI+, have thermal insulation to Passive House levels. The Schueco AWS 90 BS.SI+ offers a complete solution for concealed vent windows in single- and now double-vent designs. It features 77mm face widths and has a basic frame depth of 95 mm.
  • A 17-sided manufacturing centre made out of parts of a former training college is the new premises for a solar panel company. Solar UK had been operating from a converted farm building in East Sussex until it received a £30,000 grant from the Regional Growth Fund to move into new premises specifically tailored to its requirements. The old building was dismantled and transported on 36 trucks to the company’s new site, where the parts were recycled to create the new centre.
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUD) are to be included in all new major developments and redevelopments when new government legislation takes effect on 6 April. Formpave has announced that it already offers a wide range of permeable paving, such as EcoGranite and Chartres, which the company says will enhance any development. Approval for SUDS will now be included within the planning application process, making their installation a material consideration for all housing developments and redevelopments of 10 or more homes, and major commercial developments. The current requirement that all developments in flood risk areas should give priority to the use of SUDS continues to apply.