Council receives request for judicial review after residents fail in bid to designate land as town green

Plans by Bristol City FC to build a new 30,000-seat stadium on land at Ashton Vale could face a judicial review.

Bristol council received a letter indicating that a judicial review will be sought after it partially rejected calls by local residents to register the land as a town green.

The council sparked the ire of residents after it designated the southern part of the land as a town green, but not the northern part - meaning that the £92m development could go ahead.

Bristol council granted permission for the stadium to be used for up to 30 live events each year, including three open air concerts.

Peter Holt, communication and marketing director at Bristol council said: “The process by which the decision was made took place over many months and a great deal of time and effort was made in order to reach a decision that addressed everyone’s concerns.

“We are very confident that due legal process was adhered to at every stage and we will robustly defend our decision.”

Bristol FC originally submitted plans for a new stadium alongside 253 dwellings, a 3,500m2 hotel, 1,599m2 of bars and restaurants as well as a drive through restaurant.

Bristol council approved plans for the stadium on 25 August with recommendation that the site needed to achieve a high quality appearance and substantial landscape structure.

North Somerset council will now consider its part of the planning application on 3 September. A final decision may not be made until October.

A spokesman for Bristol FC told the BBC: “While the news of this letter being submitted so late into the three-month appeal period is disappointing, the club remains confident any review will be rejected.”

“It is felt the city council’s decision is a robust one and has taken into account all the evidence provided to it by both sides.”