RIBA and Design for London announce debate series on London’s future

The RIBA and Design for London have announced details of a new debate series on the future of London.

There will be discussions with some of the capital’s leading design and development figures including Sir Peter Hall, chief engineer at behind High Speed two, Allies and Morrison, Atkins Global, Clive Dutton of Newham Council, Martha Schwartz, Lucy Musgrave at Publica, Hadrian Garrard at Create London and Transport for London.

Mark Brearley, Design for London, said: “This is a city-wide discussion and an opportunity for fresh and provocative thinking on the ‘grand projects’ likely to impact on the capital in the near future.

“Design for London believes it is critical that major changes are informed by public debate and we extend an open invitation for all to join us this summer at the RIBA.”

Details of the events

31 May: The New Age of the Rail: is the train key to our future vision of place?

Rail was a key component in the growth of our cities and contributed to the transformation of British society. Where rail went, economic and social enterprise followed and was manifested in bold design. Can railways once again provide a new strategic purpose? Is rail the opportunity to re-think the design of our cities and our economy? Panel discussion looking ahead to future rail development and design.

7 June: After the Party: what will be the true legacy of the London games?

A thriving place is more than a sum of its parts. The London games has captured the national imagination- throwing down the gauntlet for the development of place. What lessons have the Games taught us about regeneration and community? RIBA Building Futures presents a panel discussion looking at who will live, work and play in the East End post 2012. Who really stands to benefit from the biggest infrastructure investment in London for a generation, and how will existing communities have changed after the Games?

21 June: A Better Outside: Could subversive tactics bring our public spaces back to life?

The quality of London’s public realm has been improved dramatically over the past 20 years. Investment in design has created great places, within which one can sit, watch, relax, play and experience a vast range of things. With looming budget cuts and an increasing tendancy towards security and behavioural controls, is the vitality spaces under threat? Do we need to relax our attitudes and planning controls to re-invigorate city space in the face of corporate and budgetry stalemate? Panel discussion and speculation on radical approaches to public realm design, delivery and use.

28 June: A flourish of Meanwhiles: Do ‘pop ups’ offer real long term possibilities?

London and other European cities are experiencing a boom for temporary uses of space. From cycle cafes, cineroleums, sky rooms and learning hubs. They offer a wealth of ideas for alternative land use, however their short life spans often rules out any meaningful change. Can the development community take them seriously and could these provocations provide solutions for real community enterprise? Is a flourish of meanwhiles key to ‘mixed use’ development and can they be made more than just temporary fun? Presentations and discussion looking at a range of Meanwhile initiatives and their future role in long term regeneration.

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