RIBA architects collaborate with shops on Regent Street to create work that fuses innovations in architecture with retail design

Ian McChesney with Levis

Ian McChesney with Levis

The Regent Street Windows Project 2011 sees architects collaborate with some of the leading retail brands on London’s bustling shopping street to create a range of shop window installations.

Initiated by the RIBA in London, the project’s theme is Cities of Tomorrow, with 10 member architects creating a range of  work that fuses innovations in architecture with retail design.

Architect Ian McChesney, who worked with denim brand Levis, said: “The project has been hugely enjoyable and given us the chance to work quickly outside of the studio in an alternative way.

“‘Using jeans as a building material presented some technical challenges, but we had a lot of fun with it. Levis have been incredibly supportive as partners and the installation reflects their enthusiasm for taking risks and embracing new ideas.”

The project was initiated last year as part of the London Festival Architecture 2010.

Tamsie Thomson, director of RIBA London, said: “Our members are always keen to take their work to new places and this project showcases how collaborative working can add value across sectors and in unexpected sites.”

The installations

Regent Street Windows Project 2011 is on until 29 May 2011. For more information visit the RIBA.