Thank you for your recent article entitled “US to revise LEED assessment system” (16 May, page 14).

I am writing to address several statements that warrant correction. You said buildings are “able to get a platinum rating without even considering energy”, which is inconsistent with current requirements and practice. A study by the New Buildings Institute found LEED “platinum“ buildings earn more than nine out of 10 energy performance points under the system. Furthermore, gold and platinum buildings save more than 45% more energy than standard buildings. New buildings certified under LEED, on average, perform 25-30% better than non-LEED certified ones. The BRE report cited referred to a previous version of the LEED rating system.

The rapidly changing nature of the green building marketplace means it is challenging to remain abreast of changes, but your commitment to clarifying information would help make certain other sources are referring to accurate information.