So hectic and frenetic is this year’s BCO conference, even finding the time to blog is tough.
Everyone is being kept busy with seminars, tweeting, tours and, of course, working out how to use their new spotme devices. It’s like the entire conference has been handed a tamagotchi pet as delegates wander past, heads down, desperately trying to work out some function or other of their new toy (more on this later).
So with very limited time to spare, here are some of the top quotes of day one - just to give a flavour of what’s being said …
“There are northern cities, and then there is Manchester which is a European city that just happens to be in he north of England.” Phil Doyle director, 5plus architects
“Do we even like cities?” Alan Harding, University of Manchester
“Cities in Europe have to be smarter” Sir Howard Bernstein
“Rare is the politician who, when the subject of cities crosses their agenda, doesn’t think about a monument to himself.” Matthew Parris
“Politicians attend to cities like paramedics attend to road accidents,” Matthew Parris
And the quote that has prompted the biggest collective cheer so far?
“Sod heritage. We’ve preserved enough of our 19th C town halls.” Yes, that one was Matthew Parris too.
Off to the afternoon sessions now. For up to date news follow me on Twitter @emily39