Welcome to Building’s annual league table of the 100 biggest UK contracting and housebuilding giants, ranked by turnover, pre-tax profit, operating margin and more besides.

So where does your firm come? Who gobbled up £1bn more business in 2003 than any other company? Which family housebuilder is operating on a margin of 44%? Where can you go to rake in £2.5m a year at fat-cat level? (Hint: after last year’s £3m revelations, it ain’t David McLean.) And if you think these monster firms have grown since last year, take a look at our comparison with the industry rankings of 10 years ago, on pages 6-8. Grrr …

Tables compiled by Martin Hewes, email hewesinfo@aol.com. Illustrations by Jake


Top 100 Contractors and Housebuilders