Regus, the British market leader of serviced offices, proudly bills itself as the McDonald’s of the sector. Standardised brand image and instant availability are its selling points, with every building entrance and reception fronted by its half-crown logo. The company offers customers serviced offices within 24 hours for periods as brief as one day. The theory is that established customers planning to open a new branch office, whether in Birmingham or Vladivostok, will know what they will be getting without having to visit the building.

In terms of fitting out and furnishing, instant availability puts an accent on standardisation and flexibility. Unlike HQ Global Workplaces, Regus specifies metal-faced demountable partitions for its cellular offices. The partitions can be rearranged at a moment’s notice, and customers can hang up their whiteboards and pictures with magnets without causing dilapidations.

As for the buildings themselves, these have, to date, all been acquired off-the-peg by Regus. Far from being standardised, they tend to be the most prominent landmark buildings in City centres, including, in London alone, Canary Wharf Tower, the NatWest Tower, the Lloyd’s building and No 1 Poultry.

However, Regus is now entering a new phase of partnerships with established property companies such as MEPC and Arlington. As Warren O’Leary, head of purchasing and logistics, explains: “We are looking for more bespoke buildings where we can influence the design before they get out of the ground.”

A serviced office in 24 hours for 24 hours

Serviced office operator Regus Serviced office design features Brand standardisation of image and fit-out, flexible office partitions Location City centres and business parks across the globe Fit-out team for British projects Michael Blair Associates (interior design), Ibex and others (construction management)