Our objective is buildings that work; for the procurer, the user, and for future generations.

Fulcrum have a unique track record in built solutions that deliver the following:

  • Comfort and performance
  • Low through-life cost
  • Simplicity in operation and maintenance
We have established that sustainability is the natural result of the correct understanding of the potential compatibility between these objectives. We therefore find that the application of commercial rigour to the building process in terms of value-for-money is a key part of the process of efficient design.

Our commitment over 15 years to holistic design methods, combined with monitoring and feedback, gives us a unique knowledge base that enables us to understand and reduce risk both in terms of cost and performance.

Fulcrum Consulting deliver papers and keynote speeches at leading international forums world-wide and manage the Governments Partners in Innovation programme with specific respect to sustainability and building services issues*. The practice combines research and development with practical knowledge and commercial understanding to offer designs individually tailored to each client's needs.