What’s your most-played ITune?

Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue is a favourite. Ella Fitzgerald and Diana Krall, for their phrasing and rhythm. Recently I’ve also been listening to Florence and the Machine, and Vampire Weekend, which is just fun.

Do you take your BlackBerry on holiday?

Ha, ha, ha! I can’t function without it.

Are you into social networking?

Sharing is the best thing about my digital life. It’s an exciting time as digital media is slowly creating a convergence in the arts, where design, text, music, stage, and architecture merge, for example in the Restless exhibition by Ron Arad. Likes and dislikes, photos and anecdotes are easily shared.

What have you recently bought online?

Books. The Invention of Paris: A History Told in Footsteps by Eric Hazan.
What’s your worst digital habit?

Walking and reading, while trying to cross the road. But there is an app for that.

Kevin P Flanagan is director of PLP Architecture