Products for the sustainable built environment are getting thinner, more gas-tight, more efficient and longer lasting. Here’s a preview of some of the new launches to be unveiled at Ecobuild, from PV to underground storage

1. Lightweight rainscreen cladding


Formica Group will be announcing the UK launch of its Vivex lightweight rainscreen cladding solution at Ecobuild. The cladding is manufactured from solid phenolic and has decorative surfaces on both sides. It is available in plain colours, abstract patterns, and woodgrains for cladding entire buildings to highlight an individual feature, decorative screen or for fencing. The Vivex panels are claimed to be resistant to impact and abrasion, have double-sided UV protection and are suitable for a variety of fixing systems. The panels can be easily cut to suit a particular application. Recent projects include the exterior of a sports centre, La Pobla De Vallbona, in Valencia, Spain by architect Emilio Canejero.
Stand S730

2. Six-inch solar cells

Schott Solar will be using Ecobuild to preview its latest solar photovoltaic product, the Perform Mono 280, which will be available later in the year. The module benefits from the world’s first 6 inch solar cells, which are claimed to achieve 20.2% efficiency. Also on display will be the Protect ASI 107 double glass module for roof and ground mounted applications. The unit’s double glass construction makes it suitable for use with aggressive air pollutants, such as ammonia vapours, when it is used in agricultural applications. Schott will also be showcasing the Perform Mono 190, a compact module designed to offer maximum yield from a limited roof space.
Stand N3340

3. Vacuum insulated panel

Kingspan insulation will launch a vacuum insulated panel at Ecobuild. The company says it offers thermal performance up to 10 times better than common insulating materials. The panel is formed from a micro-porous core that is encased in a thin, gas-tight envelope. Air is extracted from the panel which gives it the good thermal properties. The panel is intended for use in areas where space is limited, such as flat roof terraces and in areas where technical detailing is an issue.
Stand N920

4. Wireless power sockets

Building energy specialist, Plugwise, will have its wireless range of switchable power sockets that are designed to help eliminate power losses from equipment left on standby or running in empty buildings. The wireless units plug into a power socket and are installed between a device and its electrical supply. This allows the device to monitor the amount of power supplied to the device and the device to be switched on or off remotely. A single device, workspace, floor or even a building can be monitored and controlled from a single PC using downloadable free software. Because the system operates via a Zigbee wireless network devices can be easily repositioned.
Stand S4022

5. Underground storage systems

Ecobuild supplement

Contenur UK will be showcasing its underground storage systems for waste and recycling. The systems are designed to help save space by enabling waste and recycling to be retained in underground bins. The manufacturers claim the system reduces smells and noise and provides protection against vandals and vermin. The large capacity bins also reduce vehicle movements to help cut the carbon footprint of collections. The firm has recently introduced a hydraulic lift version of the system to the UK. The system can use either electric or hydraulic power to raise up to four wheeled-bins to ground level where they can be emptied by a standard wheelie bin collection vehicle.
Stand N778

6. Eco-friendly surface care

Ecobuild supplement

Fila will be unveiling its Green Line range of eco-friendly surface care products. The 17 products include: PRW 200 VOC-free pre-grouting protector which has been designed to protect absorbent surfaces including terracotta, quarry tiles and natural stone, before and during grout application; W68 stain proofing-protector for internal and external surfaces, including those with residual moisture; and HP98 waterproofing solution for internal and external use. As well as protection against moisture, HP98 also prevents chewing gum adhesion. The water-based products are LEED compliant.
S750 Stand

7. Sustainable tiles

Ecobuild supplement

Marley Eternit will be exhibiting its EcoLogic tile at Ecobuild. The tile has a nitrogen oxide gas absorbing coating and contains a higher level of recycled material than standard concrete tiles. The firm will also be exhibiting its range of UK-manufactured fibre cement slates and its new range of fibre cement cladding. Called Eter-Color, the cladding is available in eight shades that are claimed to have a life expectancy of more than 50 years.
Stand N1030

8. Insulation for inverted roofs

Dow Building Solutions will be introducing XEnergy at Ecobuild. XEnergy is the firm’s latest generation of insulation for inverted roofing. It is claimed to offer the same properties of durability and moisture resistance as the company’s Styrofoam extruded polystyrene insulation but with improved heat transmission properties. The launch follows thermal conductivity improvements to the existing Styrofoam-A range.
Stand N1251

9. Aluminium facade system

Building envelope and solar product specialist Schueco UK will be showcasing the SCC 60 aluminium facade system for the side of buildings. The ventilated facade system uses thin-film PV modules for weather protection, insulation and sustainable energy production. Schueco will also be unveiling the ERC 50 Renovation Facade. This has been designed to renovate properties from the sixties, seventies and eighties without adequate fabric insulation. It can be installed without disruption to the occupiers.
Stands N2940 and S310

10. New BBA website

The British Board of Agrement will be launching its new website at Ecobuild. The site has clearer navigation and more visually appealing pages. An improvement over the previous site is that it has better search capabilities with drop-down menus to enable clients to refine their search for certificates. Similarly, when searching for product installers, users can now search under postcode or specify a radius to enable them to reveal installers within a particular area. In addition, the BBA will also be using its stand to offer customers guidance on the steps they need to take as manufacturers to gain CE marking.
Stand S2360

11. Greywater filtration system

Shielco Watersave will unveil the Aqua2use greywater filtration system, which provides water for irrigation. Up to 76% of domestic waste water is available as greywater, so the unit can re-use almost 150,000 litres. The system works when waste-water from a home is passed through a series of filters in the Aqua2use unit. The first filter removes hair, lint, paper. The second filter removes medium and small particles and the third small particles.
Stand S2270