Just about everything you need to build the kind of copper-clad, circular, streamlined, siphonically drained, airtight roof that will make you envied by your competitors and adored by your clients

Streamlined ridge and hip tile

Russell Roof Tiles has launched a low-profile ridge and hip tile called Multi Ridge. The company says it combines the benefits of an angular tile and a third-round hip tile and will give roofs a streamlined appearance. The tile is suitable for use either with mortar bedding or most other makers’ dry ridge and hip systems. It is available in five colours: terracotta, anthracite, slate grey, peat brown and cottage red.

Russell Roof Tiles
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UK’s first roof tapering machine

Rigidal has developed what it says is the UK’s first machine for tapering its Ziplock standing seam roofing panels, enabling circular roofs to be created easily. The company says the previous, labour-intensive process was more expensive and that the new machine could produce tapered sheets as easily as parallel sheets. The machine is portable, allowing it to be used on site if required, and has been designed so as not to mark the roof surface, making protective film unnecessary. It produces tapers with a minimum width of 220 mm at one end and 500 mm at the other in any length of sheet, and non-standard widths at any size between 220 mm to 500 mm.

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Copper standing-seam system

Corus Building Systems has launched a copper version of its Kalzip standing seam roofing system. It is supplied in a bright copper finish that the maker says will weather to a rich shade of green when used on roofs. It is available in 0.8 mm thick sheets in a range of variations, including crimp-curved or smooth-curved finishes. A range of accessories is also available including ridge closures and ridge and verge flashings.

Corus Building Systems
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Shallow gable sections

Architectural Profiles has developed a verge detail intended to create slim-perimeter gable sections at the edges of roofs. Called Slim Overhang Verge Detail, the company says it has introduced the product in response to the increased use of high levels of insulation in roofs, which leads to the need for deep verges. Architectural Profiles’ product is said to improve air sealing by covering the roof purlins. The product is for use with the company’s range of roof and wall cladding profile systems.

Architectural Profiles
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Bitumen-based flat roof system

Roofing specialist Bauder has launched an SBS bitumen built-up flat roofing system that significantly reduces the use of naked flames and eliminates the need for bitumen boilers during installation. Called the Total Roof System, it consists of a vapour barrier with an adhesive backing on one side that enables it to be stuck to the deck. The upper side has strips of factory-applied bitumen that are melted using a torch or hot-air gun to fix the insulation panels in place.

The sheets are joined together by applying heat along the bitumen-impregnated edges. The underlayer is fixed to the top of the insulation in the same way as the vapour barrier, with the torch-applied cap sheet completing the system.

The company says the system is 40% faster to install than traditional alternatives.

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Snow guard for roofs

A device that prevents snow from sliding off roofs has been launched by Klober Roofing Accessories. Called Trapac, it consists of lightweight brackets and a snow guard grid.

The company says the brackets can be used with flat and profiled clay and concrete interlocking tiles without the need for special base tiles.

Klober Roofing Accessories
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Single-ply roofing solution

Panel maker Ward Insulated Panels has introduced a single-ply roofing solution called Topfoil. It consists of a metal deck with an integral insulation layer faced with metal foil. Contractors install the panels then waterproof the roof with a single-ply membrane of their choice. The company says that the system is fire-tested to Loss Prevention Certification Board standards and is efficient at preventing air leakage.

Ward Insulated Panels
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Grade I roofing solution

Single-ply roofing membrane specialist Sarnafil’s batten profile, lead-grey, single-ply membrane was used for covering this grade I-listed rotunda roof at Norwich Castle. Sarnafil says it has been replicating the appearance of real lead and batten roll roofs for many years by adhering the membrane to timber battens. However, an extruded version with moulded end stops has now been developed, which Sarnafil says makes the process easier, cheaper and faster. The roof was installed by Briggs Roofing and Cladding of Norwich using a cold-applied system that eliminates the need for naked flames.

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Siphonic drainage system

Saint-Gobain Pipelines has launched EPAMS, a siphonic drainage system intended for large-span roofing applications. The pipelines supplier says that the use of conventional rainwater drainage systems on the large roofs of factories, warehouses, shopping centres and airports was difficult and costly. The EPAMS system requires fewer, narrower pipes because it removes surface water using a siphonic action. This means that pipes can be positioned without needing a fall. The system consists of special roof inlets that create a suction effect and cast iron pipes said to offer superior sound deadening, fire resistance and system pressure resistance compared with plastic HDPE pipes.

Saint-Gobain Pipelines
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Movers and makers

  • The British Standards Institution has published three standards relating to roofing.

    BS EN 12326-1:2004 specifies requirements for slate and stone products in discontinuous roofing and cladding. BS EN 13748-2:2004 specifies the materials, properties and methods of testing of factory-made unreinforced terrazzo tiles and covers tiles intended for roofing applications.

    BS 8213-1:2004 regards the safety, both in use and during cleaning, of windows, including door-height windows and roof windows.

    This standard covers legal requirements, risk assessment and safety issues both for new buildings and refurbishments.

  • Ecotherm Insulation has acquired a production facility in Basildon, Essex, from the Icopal Group. The company said the move was a major step forward in its plans to become the fastest growing rigid insulation board provider in the UK. The factory will make flat roofing insulation boards and foil boards for pitched roofs, cavity walls and flooring applications.

  • Eternit has invested £4m in technology adapted from the automotive industry to make the colours of its fibre cement tiles more fade resistant. A new coating line has been installed at the company’s plant in Widnes, Cheshire, and is designed to counteract the effects of ultraviolet rays.

    The company’s Rivendale, Birkdale and Garsdale slates are now all offered with a 20-year colour guarantee, and the Thrutone slate has a 12-year colour guarantee.

  • Waterproofing membrane specialist Index Building Products has published the Specifiers Guide to Extensive Green Roofs and Intensive Roof Gardens. It outlines such environmental and practical benefits of green roofs as control of rainwater and improvement of thermal insulation. The publication also includes height, weight and substrate calculation tables, typical build-ups of both roofing types and case studies.

  • Expanded polystyrene producer Vencil Resil has brought out a brochure on its Jabroof SlimFix insulated structural pitched roof system. The publication shows where the product can be used, its benefits and construction methods and available accessories. It also contains typical section drawings and detailed span measurements.

  • Roofing system manufacturer Esha is offering an infrared roof scanning service to determine whether to replace the waterproofing layer or the whole roof when a flat roof fails. The company said problematic flat roofs are frequently completely replaced when all that is needed is new waterproofing. The service, called EshaScan, provides a full technical breakdown of the flaws afflicting
    the roof.

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