Fears grow among microrenewables installers after failure to bring key legislation forward

SMEs that install air source heat pumps and small wind turbines have had orders put on hold after the government broke a promise to bring forward legislation that would allow homeowners to add the technologies without planning permission.

The Micropower Council said it was being rung daily by member businesses concerned that the government is delaying the introduction of permitted development rights, which would remove planning restrictions on the renewable technologies.

In a speech on 12 July climate change minister Greg Barker told the micropower industry that the government would bring forward legislation on permitted development rights before the parliamentary recess.

However, the communities department confirmed that no legislation had been brought forward.

A spokesperson for the council said: “This is holding up orders and damaging confidence amongst customers, investors and businesses.

“We have members calling the office on a daily basis asking when this matter will be resolved,” they said.

David Milne, project manager at air source heat pump installer Intelligent Energy Solutions said introducing the legislation “would make it a damn sight easier” to sell the technology.

“Some people are put off by having to seek planning permission,” he said.

A communities department spokesperson said: “We are working hard to bring forward the secondary legislation, and will do so shortly.”