Candy Brothers face opposition from locals over planning application to redevelop prime London site

Property developers the Candy brothers are facing potentially huge alterations to their designs for the former Chelsea Barracks, if they wish to receive planning permission for the development.

The news, as reported in the Evening Standard, comes after hundreds of influential Belgravia residents wrote to complain about the plans to develop the site.

Candy Brother's proposal for Chelsea Barracks site

Westminster’s planning committee will officially see the scheme for the first time next Thursday when it will make its preliminary decision. However, according to the newspaper, which reported that the planning officers at Westminster were “not entirely dazzled” by current plans for the £1bn site, developers may be sent away with a long list of changes to make.

The officers’ report said “better proportioned open spaces” and “larger public spaces” were required in several locations. The demolition of an historic chapel, which English Heritage is still considering as listing, was also noted as “contrary to the Planning Brief”, and would only be acceptable in the context of a “compelling open space”.

A re-design of the luxury blocks of flats may also be required said the newspaper, in order to safeguard protected trees.

Council insiders suggested the officers’ objections would be just the tip of the iceberg, and that far stronger views would be expressed by committee members on Thursday.

One councillor said a letter written by the Earl of Stockton to the council, referred to the scheme as “an insult to the memory of the young men who left Chelsea Barracks to fight for their country and did not return.

“A bit over the top,” the councillor added, “ but with most of Belgravia pitched against it, committee members cannot but take notice.”